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Who are we?

Pappaya LITE is yet another creation from the family of Pappaya, a visionary in digital education with cutting edge technologies. Pappaya has been successful in implementing innovative teaching solutions enhancing student learning to higher levels. Pappaya holds a strong global experience with over 75000 schools and more than 150 modules, which has enabled us to innovate an ERP for institution management.

Pappaya LITE is a free ERP tool which enables you with a superior school management through pioneering technologies for various domains of the institution. We have successfully collaborated with NISA, which is a platform that brings together budget private schools across the country to address their concerns to facilitate quality improvement in schools. Our cloud-based ERP allows you to record and track your essential information about admission, academics, library, hostel, payments and many more with high-end encryption.

Our popular Modules

Pappaya Lite ERP has lots of Features that help schools to power through their day to day operations

Pappaya LITE Admittance

Manage all aspects of admissions right from application to class room

Pappaya LITE Accounting

Manage day-to-day budget related activities effortlessly

Pappaya LITE Academics

Manage academic progress of the institution efficiently by improving productivity

Pappaya LITE Human Resource

Manage all employee activities from recruiting till relieving

Pappaya LITE Facility Management

Manage the school infrastructure right from inventory to maintenance

Pappaya LITE Dashboard

View the schools performance through dashboard and report

Pappaya LITE- The most powerful school management ERP benefits all our stakeholders

A successful school is much more than teaching. Our school management ERP system is highly helpful in offering consistent and uninterrupted administrative services. We keep you wired with teachers, parents and students, where you can assure their daily needs are met. On the other hand you can monitor students and faculty-related activities through our ERP. This highly reduces paperwork and is also effective in cost management.

Teachers have a lot of responsibilities in the school other than teaching children. Pappaya LITE ERP comes in handy to lend a helping hand. Teachers can now save time from exhaustive paper work. They can work at flexible schedules and could easily access our highly user-friendly ERP. The software can effortlessly keep up all the records of students including names, attendance, syllabus, lesson plan, lesson notes, test results and summary of test performance as well. This enables teachers to ingress on student profiles with low academic scores and analyses the grey areas of students too, so that teachers can tap those areas of students.

Our ERP perceives better the importance of parents’ role in a school. That’s why we have developed a system for them where they can access complete activities related to their wards with ease. They can plan everything right from admission till school fee payment from home. Parents can connect to the teachers personally and inquire their ward’s performance in classes as well as tests. All the test reports can be directly accessed by parents through their modules. They can monitor the safety of children through a live bus tracking option.

Pappaya LITE ERP paves excellent opportunities for students’ individual development. Students can acquire all school-oriented information such as timetable, curriculum, syllabus, lesson notes, exam schedules, library accessibility, and previous chapter notes. Students can also clarify their queries with teachers. They will have their own ID and password to login, through which they get access to information. The design of our ERP is so simple that students can use it without hassles.  

Your needs are our top concerns

One of our significant key features is transfer of the legacy data from an existing system. Many schools fear the most when it comes to digital transformation, as they are more concerned about data migration in the existing system. We make this simple. Our ERP gives an easy solution as you can transfer any type of existing data without trouble

Our ERP gives you a single point of control, which brings an end to the existence of many systems with different modules for each domain. We have successfully got all under one roof. You can easily access across various modules and various domains in one system.

We give you the freedom of enjoying role-based access control. Through which you can assign roles to teachers, students and parents. This offers a streamlined approach that is logical in definition. All the roles could be aligned with the organizational structure of the school, and users can do their jobs more efficiently and autonomously.

We are widening our network steadily

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A few words from our pleased customers

Pappaya LITE ERP has been instrumental in digitally the transformation of our school. We could visibly witness the ease in our overall functioning. The features are comprehensive, including all the needed modules for the effective and smooth functioning of the school. The most striking feature is the customization part, which makes our school software user-friendly and unique.
Himgiri Public School, Delhi
We have been using an ERP previously where we had trouble with legacy data transfer. Pappaya LITE has solved this long-standing problem effortlessly. We are now relieved as we had a complete digital transfer. Also, we feel happy and contented when we receive positive feedback from parents about being updated and connected with us without difficulties

Heritage International School, Uttar Pradesh
I would rather say Pappaya LITE is one of the best ERP we have ever used. We have been looking for an ERP solution that will be inclusive of all modules from admission to inventory. Pappaya LITE came as a solution for all our needs with all comprehensive modules and also with a single point of control. The interface is simple and highly user-friendly. They also provide continued after-sales support, which is very essential for end-users.
Smart Kids Innovations institute, Jammu and Kashmir

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