Our Key Features

Academic Administration

The core module of any school is academic management, as the smooth and effective running of this ensures the development of the entire institution. Pappaya LITE supports teachers and students providing adequate aids about

  • Curriculum allocation
  • Subject allocation
  • Teacher management
  • Timetable updates
  • Homework-assigning and submission tracking
  • Mobile app for ease of use

Administration Management

The administration module of our ERP provides flexibility for defining customized profiles about admission, class allotment, salary structure, leaves, fee payment as this differs from school to school. Pappaya LITE includes

  • EEE- Enquiry, Entry and Enrollment
  • Classroom allotment
  • Defining the salary structure
  • Student management
  • Bespoke student profiles
  • Faculty and staff management

Accounting and Finance

Our ERP experts have carefully designed accounting and finance modules to deal with the complexity of this intricate system comprising of students, teachers, administration and other staff, transportation, hostel and school supplies management with a keen eye for detailing to deliver these services with ease. It provides room for customization depending on the demands of the user. Our ERP includes

  • Admission fee collection
  • School fee remittance
  • Tracking every student’s fee payment status
  • Tracking mode of payment for each remittance
  • Partial payment follow up
  • Fee receipt cancellation
  • Fee concessions- Eligibility and follow up
  • Monitoring cheque bounces

Parent Access

The user defined access control for parents in our ERP enables parents to stay updated with all information related to their ward and school.

  • Ease in enrollment
  • Payment gateway for fee remittance
  • Online attendance of students
  • Connect with teachers
  • Access to progress reports
  • Annual school calendar
  • Live bus tracking

Payroll and Accounting

Pappaya Lite ERP helps accounts department in achieving accuracy and transparency by creating options for all their needs. The following sub modules track all activities in payroll and accounting.

  • Compiling employees profiles
  • Monitor employees’ paychecks
  • Calculation of net salaries
  • Accuracy in payroll and tax documents
  • Updating general ledger and payroll files

Hostel Administration

The all-inclusive hostel module provides an updated solution for hostel management. Our ERP offers online integrated information about students, granting parent access, thereby ensuring secure and best accommodation service.

  • Hostel admission
  • Managing students’ profiles
  • Attendance reports
  • Hostel fee remittance
  • Room & mess allotment
  • Monthly mess bill calculation
  • Security administration
  • Hostel stores management
  • Hostel staff payroll


Our library module in Pappaya Lite ERP helps in effortless management of the library.

  • Issue and renewal of cards
  • Fine receipts
  • Used defined access
  • Barcode integration
  • Tracking status of books

Exams & Results

This is one of the most challenging domains in school administration which has to be dealt with scrupulous efforts. Despite care, errors occur and become a complex process to amend the errors. Our ERP helps you efficiently run this domain by saving time, reducing errors and improving transparency. Pappaya Lite has clearly defined rules set by the respective school, thereby enabling accuracy.

  • Configuration of classes, subjects and exams
  • Publication of results
  • Detailed score analysis
  • User defined exam rules
  • Publishing the merit list
  • Preparation of mark sheet and reports

Transport administration

Transport management in Pappaya Lite includes all comprehensive features such as

  • Records of drivers’ data
  • Bus routes defined with boarding points
  • Vehicle record list
  • Service and insurance alerts
  • Live tracking of vehicles
  • Smart alerts to parents in case of delay in boarding/dropping
  • Bus fees report
  • List of registered students in specific routes


Attendance maintenance in schools is not only a time-consuming process but complex too when it comes to individual student attendance average and calculation of absenteeism per week for each student. Our cloud-based ERP comes to aid your attendance management to become simple and effective. This saves time and is also eco-friendly.

  • Daily subject wise attendance
  • Sending SMS alerts to parents
  • Access to the principal, teachers and parents
  • Attendance for employees
  • Biometric integration
  • Tracking latecomers and leave requests


Our report module is commonplace for all reports. All reports can be generated on a click of a button.

  • Attendance report
  • Classroom report
  • Daily report
  • Inquiry reports
  • Payment report
  • Audit report
  • MIS reports

Smart alerts

The smart alert module of our ERP is designed to send alerts on essential information

  • Payment due alerts
  • Attendance alerts
  • Meeting alerts
  • Exam and result alerts
  • List of important events and functions alert