Pappaya LITE is a complete school management ERP. It fulfills all the prerequisites for running a school successfully. Pappaya LITE is a creation of Pappaya which has been a pioneer in developing technological solutions for the educational sector. Our cloud-based ERP allows you to record and track your essential information about admission, academics, library, hostel, payments, and many more with high-end encryption. A successful school is much more than teaching. Our school management ERP system is highly helpful in offering consistent and uninterrupted administrative services. We keep you wired with teachers, parents, and students, where you can assure their daily needs are met. On the other hand, you can monitor students and faculty-related activities through our ERP. This highly reduces paperwork and is also effective in cost management.

Pappaya LITE school management software lends its support to this prestigious NISA by delivering its software free for all NISA schools. Currently, Pappaya LITE is on hand in 20 states in India. Also, we are successfully expanding in three other states.


Pappaya LITE is overwhelmed by their collaboration with NISA. NISA – National Independent Schools Alliance draws together budget private schools across the country with a motive of quality improvement in schools. Also, it serves as a unified voice of all these schools addressing their concerns on calibre development. It facilitates quality improvement for over 75,000 budget schools with 37 million students, 15 million parents, and 5 million teachers across the country. NISA is the brainchild of the Enterprising Schools Symposium 2010, where the committee members came up with a firm decision of developing the environment of Budget Private Schools (BPS). An entente was made by Dr.Parth J Shah, President of Centre for Civil Society to assist BPS leaders for national development. Thus, NISA was started in 2011.


One might wonder why NISA is of prime importance for a country like ours. There are many reasons to support this view. India faces a challenge of millions of out-of-schoolchildren, a high lay-about rate after elementary enrollment, and, most importantly, low quality of education among others. Despite an impressive adult literacy rate of 71.2 percent, the public education system in India is struggling where half of the primary school students are unable to read a basic text and two-thirds are unable to perform fundamental math operations. In such a state, private schools have taken the front seat in delivering better quality education and striving towards fulfilling the goal of universal elementary education. Here enters the concept of BPS. Budget Private Schools are a growing segment of private schools that cater to economically backward communities. But with the growing economic crisis, these schools find it very challenging to impart quality education to students with very meagre margins of profit. So, NISA has come as inevitable aid in backing up these schools.