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Pappaya LITE’s association with NISA to support BPS              Pappaya LITE is a complete school management ERP. It fulfills all the prerequisites for running a school successfully. Pappaya LITE is a creation of Pappaya which has been a pioneer in developing technological solutions for the educational sector. Our cloud-based ERP allows you to record and track your essential information about admission, academics, library, hostel, payments, and many more with high-end encryption. A successful school is much more than teaching. Our school management ERP system is highly helpful in offering consistent and uninterrupted administrative services. We keep you wired with teachers, parents, and students, where you can assure their daily needs are met. On the other hand, you can monitor students and faculty-related activities through our ERP. This highly reduces paperwork and is also effective in cost management. Pappaya LITE school management software lends its support…

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